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WATCH: Torrington Town Crier, Al Mitchell Reads the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Proclamation

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Torrington Town Crier, Al Mitchell Reads the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Proclamation

Filmed by RBTV journalist, Michael Collins.


Torrington Prepares for the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Residents, groups, and the Torrington Town Council have been prep ... view

Grand Opening of the Torrington Museum

The Torrington Museum officially re-opened today (Friday 6 August ... view

Torrington Museum Prepares for Grand Opening

The Torrington museum is set for a grand opening tomorrow (Friday ... view

Torrington Mayor, Keeley Allin, Switches on Christmas Lights

Torrington Mayor, Keeley Allin, switches on the Christmas lights ... view

Tarka Valley Railway Launch Fundraising Appeal

Tucked away behind the Puffin Billing in Torrington is the Tarka ... view

Torrington Mayfair Celebrations at Risk of Cancellation Due to Lack of Volunteers

The Mayfair Celebrations in Torrington are a huge community event ... view

North Devon Animal Ambulance rescue a dormouse

North Devon Animal Ambulance rescue a dormouse after it was broug ... view

Bideford Pride and Diversity Festival

The Bideford Pride and Diversity Festival was held today (1 Septe ... view

Bideford Pride and Diversity Festival

The Bideford Pride and Diversity Festival was held today (1 September) in Victoria Park, starting with a parade from The Pill at 11am.

Event organiser Rachel Raper spoke to RBTV video journalist Michael Collins.

A Week of Special Events at the Torrington Pannier Market

On the 30 August, the Torrington Chamber of Trade is set to take over the running of the local Pannier Market.

Speaking to Rebel Boy TV, Catherine Wapshott, Chair of the Chamber of Trade, said: "this week in the pannier market, we're having a week of special events, leading up to our taking over of the pannier market which will be on the 30 August".

The Co-op store in Great Torrington has relaunched following a £560,000 overhaul

The Co-op store in Great Torrington has relaunched following a £560,000 overhaul.

A Co-op spokesperson told Rebel Boy TV that the revamped Co-op will offer a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy foods, meal ideas, award winning wines, and essentials along with an in-store bakery.

The Torrington Town Task Force at Bluecoat Primary School

Children at a local primary school are taking on community projects in their spare time with the help of their teacher.

Jo Stevens, a class teacher a Bluecoat Primary School in Great Torrington, Devon, started the Torrington Town Task Force in 2017 with the aim of getting the children involved in local projects and giving them a voice in the local community.

Big Plans for the Future of the Great Torrington Museum

Val Morris, Chair of the Great Torrington Museum, has big plans for the future of museum.

Speaking to RBTV, Val discusses their most popular attractions and the future plans for the museum.

Great Torrington Bowling Club Open Day

On Sunday 27th May, Great Torrington Bowling Club held their annual open day for people to go along and have a go.

Keith Jackson, Chair of the club, said: "Today is all about attracting new members to the great game of bowls.

Torrington in Bloom

Run by a group of local volunteers, Torrington in Bloom aim to make the local area looks its best.

Committee member Sue Harrison speaks to us about their recent work outside the Pannier Market and the 1610 swimming pool.

Torrington Silver Band Celebrates 20 Years at Howe Concert Hall

The Torrington Silver Band celebrate 20 years at Howe Concert Hall on 19 May 2018.

We spoke to the chair, Nick Megson, as well as conductor Terry Hutchings and supporter John Kelly at their open day.

Torrington Chamber of Trade Members Dress for Royal Wedding

Members of the Torrington Chamber of Trade agreed at a recent meeting that they would all dress for the Royal Wedding.

Catherine Wapshott, chair of the Chamber, said: "At our meeting on Wednesday, we decided that this was such a special day, a Royal wedding, the wedding of Harry and Megan, that we should do something special for the town.

Torrington Parents Form a Committee to Transform Calf Street Play Park

Calf Street Park in Torrinton, Devon, may be about to get a makeover as parents in Great Torrington form a new committee called the Calf Street Park Action Group.

Committee Member Danielle North says she has been urging Torridge District Council to take action with regards to the state of the park

Torrington Town Councillor, Keeley Allin, organises a new Town Tidy project

Torrington Town Councillor, Keeley Allin, has organised a new project in Torrington called the Town Tidy.

The aim of the group is to clean several areas of the town ready for the 2018 Mayfair celebrations.

Torrington Chamber of Trade Helps Reduce Waste with New Reusable Bags

Across the country, businesses are looking for new ways to reduce waste and use of plastic bags, and in Great Torrington, the Chamber of Trade have decided to make their own reusable bags, which are also made at a local business.

We are invited to go and see how they are made and find out if the project has been successful.

The Torrington Town Council Prepare for the Town Tidy Project

The Torrington town Council are looking for local residents and groups to help with their town tidy project.

The project aims to clean and prepare the town for the upcoming May Fair celebrations.

The Torrington Men's Shed

The Torrington Men's Shed is a small group of men who meet to work on practical projects.

The group say that this promotes physical, mental and emotional well-being of men who may feel isolated.

Torrington Cavaliers Commemorate the 1646 Battle of Torrington

The Torrington Cavaliers commemorate the 1646 Battle of Torrington with their annual commemorative march.

Starting at Great Torrington School car park, the cavaliers marched into the town square to the sound of drums for the proclamation read by Torrington town crier, Al Mitchell, and the wreath laying.

Torrington Resident Organises Christmas Dinner for People Who May Be Alone

Torrington resident, Anne Tattersall, has formed a group to put on Christmas dinner at the town hall for anyone who may be alone.