About RBTV

Rebel Boy TV is an Exciting New Independent Online TV and News Media Company based in North Devon.

Important: Production is due to resume from June 2022, and we are working on new content now. You can read more about this here.

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RBTV is an exciting new online TV and news media company based in North Devon.

We will be covering a range of stories across Devon and Cornwall, some of which is the mainstream media no longer seem to be interested in.

Unlikely other local news organisation, RBTV is dedicated to creating online TV content which is streamed directly through our website.

By using TV broadcast cameras and filming in true HD and 4K, we are making content with a quality you would expect from traditional TV channels.

At RBTV, we think differently when it comes to journalism. We want to create a platform that tells the stories of real people from across Devon and Cornwall. Although we will pick up regular news items, we have a particular interest in the stories that the mainstream media now seem to overlook.

To us, it seems that quality local content and journalism is rare and is pushed aside in favour of a quick story with clickbait headlines. We believe that this is a fault of the business model by news corporations, rather than the journalists. Most news website also largely provide the same content which is just reproduced from sister websites.

When we first launched, we were originally YouTube based and embedded this into our website. This allowed us to keep costs to a minimum whilst we tested our business model. But as COVID-19 hit the UK, we were forced to stop production. This gave us some time and space to consider the future of RBTV and where we would like to be in the future.

This required a minimal amount of consideration as our future goal was always to create an online streaming platform directly through our website, where we could control the content and the quality of the video being streamed. We also wanted to upgrade our equipment to true TV broadcast cameras capable of filming in broadcast quality HD and 4K, and during the lockdowns this is exactly what we have achieved.

Running on a high-end dedicated server, our website will now stream full TV quality HD and 4K content. Achieving this has required a considerable amount of money and a lot of work on the website, as we custom build our site line by line in-house.

Thanks for visiting RBTV and we hope you enjoy our website.

Got A Story?

If you have a story you think we might be interested in, we'd love to hear from you! You can contact us online using our secure and encrypted online form.