Sharing RBTV Content and Copyright

We are really pleased that people enjoy our content and may want to share it. However, our content is subject to copyright and we want to make sure you're sharing our content in a way that is legal and avoids possible legal action as many people misunderstand how copyright works.

The contents of this website is subject to copyright owned by Rebel Boy TV UK Limited unless otherwise stated. All materials on this website - unless otherwise stated - including, and without limitation, the text, computer coding, artwork, images, photographs, music, audio, and video, are owned by Rebel Boy TV UK Limited.

Sharing our Content

We upload and share our content on our official website and other official Rebel Boy TV social media pages. However, this does not mean our works become 'public property' or that we lose our copyright protection. This is a common misconception.

We give viewers many options to share our content, such as social media links at the bottom of each story. However, you cannot download, copy, reproduce, upload or store our content.

Many social media platforms offer the ability to share content from official pages by using the share link. If this is available, we would encourage you to do so, but you cannot download our content and upload it to your own social media profile, website and so on.

We provide links on our stories that allow you to share our content. For example, you can copy the URL and share the link by email or posting the link on social media. You may also be able to share links to videos from our official Youtube Channel.

For the avoidance of doubt, you must not adapt, edit, change, transform, publish, republish, distribute, redistribute, download, broadcast, show or play in any public place this website or the material on this website, in any form, without prior written consent from Rebel Boy TV.

Rebel Boy TV does not allow automated and/or systematic collection of data from this website.

Obtaining Permission

Rebel Boy TV does not typically license content that is available on our website. However, if this is available, it must be given in writing prior to use through the use of a licence.

We do licence content to third-parties and occasionally create content for other news providers, but such content is available directly from the agent.

Enforcement of copyright

Rebel Boy TV takes the protection of our copyright very seriously.

If Rebel Boy TV UK Limited discovers that our copyright materials have been used in contravention of copyright law, we will bring legal proceedings and seeking monetary damages, as well as an injunction to stop the use of those materials. We shall also seek an order to pay our legal expenses.

If you become aware of any use of our copyright protected materials that contravenes or may contravene the above, please report this by contact us online.

Infringing material

If you become aware of any material on the website that you believe infringes your or any other person's copyright, please report this by contact us online.

UPDATED: 06 June 2022 @ 7:06pm