Production Resumes at RBTV - June 2022

This page was updated at 12:45pm on 2 June 2022

As you may already be aware, when COVID-19 hit the UK and the lockdowns started, we took the decision to suspend all productions and cancelled all filming that had been scheduled to take place.

We continued to monitor advice from the Government, and as lockdown orders were repeatedly being considered, we took the decision to stop all production until we could reasonably continue.

From June 2022, filming will resume.

RBTV Updated

Just as COVID-19 hit the UK, we were in the middle of a move and getting the new office set up. We were also planning a major update to our website and our equipment.

So what's changed?

Our focus at RBTV has always been on quality. We want to produce the highest quality online TV productions we can, which is why we have now moved to full broadcast quality TV cameras. All future stories will be filming in true broadcast quality HD and 4K.

To match this, our office machines required a considerable update. In fact, everything we had been using before was not going to run our new cameras. It is for this reason that everything was sold off and custom-built state-of-the-art editing workstations were built in-house by us.

Our editing workstations have been completely rebuilt and use technology designed for the world’s fastest, ultra-premium editing systems. This means not only can we produce the highest quality content, but we can produce it much, much faster. In fact, we use the same processors as Blur Studios did when creating 'Terminator: Dark Fate'.

YouTube Logo

Leaving YouTube

Out of all the decisions we have made over the past year, another big one was to leave YouTube. We have spent months working with various servers and technology to find a system that would allow us to provide the best experience for you the viewer, whether you are watching in HD or 4K, both of which demand considerable equipment when it comes to storage and streaming.

Our website now runs on a high-end dedicated server, giving us unparalleled performance as well as allowing us maximum control, maximum stability, 2 Tbps DDoS Protection with 100% Network Uptime with our content stored on lightning-fast enterprise-grade SSDs. This fits perfectly with our website, which is designed and developed line by line in our office by us and we do not use any third-party plugins, software, templates, or add-ons.

We Do Everything In-House

Everything we do and everything we develop is all done in-house, including: building editing workstations, coding and developing our website and software, filming, editing, content hosting, HD/4K streaming and so on. Developing and hosting a website that provides video streaming of content produced in full 4K, requires a lot of money, careful planning, and a considerable amount of development, and we believe we have now created the perfect platform for RBTV.

Advertising Online


One thing we hear constantly is that news websites are flooded with ads, sometimes to the point that the content is hard to view. We are going to be doing things differently.

We are currently developing our own in-house software to run our advertising system which is due to be rolled out shortly. However, we are going to be doing this slowly. As we have already mentioned, quality content is our focus, monetisation comes second.

Currently, our ad space is being used by Google and Amazon and it is also kept to an absolute minimum. But as a business, we must make money, and making money in journalism is very hard to do; especially if you do not want your content quality to suffer.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us online.

Do you have a Story?

As you will see from our content, we are not like mainstream news media companies. We are interested in a wide range of stories that the mainstream now overlook.

If you have a story you think we would be interested in, please contact us now so we can make arrangements to speak with you. You can contact us online through our secure form. Click here to get in contact with RBTV.